our DYNAMIC AND ENGAGING WELLNESS WORKSHOPS teach PEOPLE how to be healthier, happier and more productive.

Our interactive wellness workshops inspire and motivate people to take greater responsibility for their health and well-being. We teach them essential behaviour change tools as well as practical lifestyle and self-care skills that are fun to learn, easy to apply and get great results. With our group wellness workshops, people learn to:

• improve their health and well-being
• prevent unnecessary illness
• increase their ability to resist and manage stress
• be more productive

StressSmarts® Workshops
  • » Taking Control of Stress
  • » Work-Life Balance:  Find it. Live it. Keep it.
  • » Managing Time in a Fast-Paced World
  • » Dealing with Difficult People
  • » Reducing Stress through Relaxation
  • » Six Steps to Resolving Conflict
  • » Improving Relationships through Communication
Get Healthy, Well-thy & Wise® Workshops
  • » Improving Health through Nutrition
  • » Understanding Vitamins & Minerals
  • » Eight Steps to Permanent Weight Loss
  • » Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • » Fitness for Weight Loss
  • » Creating a Personal Fitness Plan
  • » Motivation:  Getting It and Keeping It
  • » Creating a Personal Wellness Plan
  • » Coping with Chronic Illness
  • » Alternative Medicine Therapies for Natural Healing

Stress Management Workshops
Our stress management workshops show people how to identify the root causes of their stress and teach them practical coping skills.
Weight Loss
Our weight loss workshops teach people the essential lifestyle skills they need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life.
Nutrition & Fitness
Our nutrition and fitness workshops teach people how to make healthy eating and exercise an enjoyable part of daily life.
General Wellness
Our general wellness workshops teach people how to make simple lifestyle changes that will help them look better, feel better and be healthier.